Olympic Briefing: Very Best Medal Count Chart

Press Clippings: At the Media Bunker, we hunker down for financial and other news and data from Bloomberg. We like the site, the editors, the reporters, and the guy who started it all. It’s all good. Over the course of the Olympics, we’ve posted up our own Medal Count graphic, but it’s pretty basic: Country, Number of Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals they’ve won, and total medals won. That’s the way most sites do it.
But, admittedly, it’s just quick-hit data for the few people who follow the Olympics on this site.
The Very Best Medal Count Data is at Bloomberg. Period. It’s exact, it’s in depth, and Bloomberg does value-added by including the population of each country that’s won a Medal, their GDP-PPP (Gross Domestic Product-Personal Purchasing Power), Medals per million population, and Medals per $100B GDP. In other words, complete and detailed on the financial side of things, which seems totally appropriate since we’ve heard so much about the $50B that it cost Russian to stage the games (well done, nice facilities, good logistics, a grateful Winter Sports community thanks you). Click to the chart and enjoy it ¬†and then, congratulate all your Norwegian buddies: Norway had by far the highest number of medals per million population ranking. They were at 4.33/medals/million population; the host country, Russia–well, they didn’t fare so well. They were at .18/medals/million population. If you’re choosing up sides for Winter Sports, grab a Norgie.

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