The Secrets of Politically Correct Branding

Paying Attention: Today’s marketing and personal/social media world is perhaps way too heavily invested in branding–and not always for the right reasons. There are corporate brands, brand values, brand initiatives,  and personal brands (when I hear professional athletes talk about their personal brand, it seems pretty ridiculous to me; just because you can hit a three point shot does not mean that you will influence me at all in my selection of a car, stock, airline, or medicine…and never forget, your brand as an athlete is generally only as good as your last season or, more critically, last game in the playoffs, and then only/maybe for shoes and athletic wear/gear).
Branding is not a five minute or one semester course. Great brands are built over years and decades, even though they can be destroyed in minutes or weeks. Great brands are Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Tiffany, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari. Each of these brands have concrete attributes that most people can name and that are consistent across the markets of the world.
With that in mind, press to play a rather sharp video on generic branding produced–astutely and correctly–with stock footage. You’ve heard it all before and that’s what makes the video so powerful. ( This clip courtesy YouTube. )
NOTE: We ran the same video yesterday–April Fool’s Day–without the pre-amble above…it seemed appropriate then, but it’s also appropriate enough to run again.  The key to the post was the phrase “Perfect for Today’s Expectations”… had a one day shelf life.

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