Missing It: What Happened to The Tonight Show Opening

Paying Attention This post was originally put up in early September (maybe you’ve noticed a trend..as we work through some of the greatest hits from the past). Last night, 8 October 2019, the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon opening returned to its’ classic opening format…the one used since the first telecasts of the show. Why? […]

The Secrets of Politically Correct Branding

Paying Attention: Today’s marketing and personal/social media world is perhaps way too heavily invested in branding–and not always for the right reasons. There are corporate brands, brand values, brand initiatives,  and personal brands (when I hear professional athletes talk about their personal brand, it seems pretty ridiculous to me; just because you can hit a […]

The Tommy Bahama Story

Adventures in Branding:  Years ago, Inc. Magazine ran a very good article about how three guys (Bob Emfield, Luca Dalla Gasperina, Tony Margolis)  started the now ubiquitous Tommy Bahama brand. Tommy Bahama started out selling bathing suits and t-shirts and now sells a very wide range of clothing, bags, accessories and home furnishings and even operates Tommy […]