True Danger: The Rolling Stones In Transition

The Hunt For New Music: It’s hard to remember a time when The Rolling Stones were not on our playlists. They broke through in the mid 1960s, the anti-Beatles, slightly dangerous, a band against the man, the revolution with some blues-oriented chops, and then they really dug their heels into the culture: scandal, arrests, tax […]

Getting The Picture

Paying Attention:  Stunned by the big prices being paid at auction for fine art? A Picasso [ “Les Femmes d’Alger (Version ‘O’)] was sold this year for $179.5 million .  At the same auction, a sculpture by Giacommetti went for $141.3 million (with fees).  The fine art world is quickly becoming a very wealthy neighborhood. But there is an […]

The American Masters (PBS) Profile of Johnny Carson

Press Clippings: Simply terrific profile of the master of Late Night: Johnny Carson. This documentary is from the American Masters series from PBS and is an exceptional look at the very private man who was one of the most public figures in the history of modern media who, it is said without hyperbole, created late […]

The Big Burn

Paying Attention: The West has been burning…all through the summer and into the fall. It’s a combination of things: malicious people, capricious nature, an historical drought. Nature has its’ own way of setting the record straight and right now nature is mad. Presented today–for your enlightenment and education–is a terrific  documentary on forrest fires. Watch this, […]