The Performances: Camila Cabello on SNL

Great music performances, pulled from the archives of SNL, the Grammies, late night TV, and special concerts. Some of these performances are very new and some are very old. They are all very good. The Fine Print: Video provided courtesy of YouTube and Camila Cabello. This video has not been altered in any way. All […]

The Hunt For New Music: Lovd Ones w/ Leilani Wolfgramm "Sail Away"

Hawaiian Progressive You never know where you’re going to find the next piece of really good music. It’s a hunt, an adventure, and you can turn a corner or click a link or open an email and you’ll find something new and inspiring that fits the time and the mood. And, if it’s really nice, […]

The Weekend Concert Series: Paul McCartney, Good Evening New York City

The Hunt for New Music:  Just a terrific concert, Paul McCartney in New York to open the new Citi Field Stadium in 2009. The video is HD and the sound is very good; the song list a collection of Beatles and McCartney tunes. The opening is particularly well done. No need to puff this one […]

The Christmas Playlist Series: No. X

The Hunt for New (Christmas) Music: Embed from Getty Images This playlist is composed of the best of the previous playlists. This is Part A. Combine it with the playlist that follows and create your own super-Christmas playlist for the season. Line ’em all up on your playback system and let them play all day(or […]

Newe for Summer: The First Playlist

The Hunt For New Music: When it’s summer, it’s time for summer music. Summer music always a different feel and sound to it. It doesn’t have to be about the beach, sand, water or sun to be summer music, although that doesn’t hurt, but it does have to have a certain attitude about life, good […]

True Danger: The Rolling Stones In Transition

The Hunt For New Music: It’s hard to remember a time when The Rolling Stones were not on our playlists. They broke through in the mid 1960s, the anti-Beatles, slightly dangerous, a band against the man, the revolution with some blues-oriented chops, and then they really dug their heels into the culture: scandal, arrests, tax […]

The Weekend Concert Series: Jaime Cullum

The Hunt for New Music:  We need new music. All the time. And for too long, we have not postyed a new Installment in the Weekend Concert Series. Enough. Here’s one to get things moving in the right direction: it’s the brilliant English musician, Jaime Cullum, featured Live at the Java Jazz Festival, Jakarta. He’s […]