The Netflix December Lineup

Paying Attention: It’s December and you’ll be home for the holidays. With plenty of time to watch some great new films or old classics…on Netflix, maybe. Netflix is a disruptive company. They crushed Blockbuster (and Blockbuster’s oppressive late fees) with a simple order-it-online/return-it-via-mail DVD business model, then upped the ante again with major league streaming technology and upped once more by producing their own series for the channel(“House of Cards” with Kevin Space and Robin Wright is a classic). So…we like Netflix, for all the right reasons, and this month, we’re liking it even more as the lineup of top films to watch this month is stocked with greats, new finds, and classics. Here’s a list of the Top 100 Films streaming on Netflix in December, courtesy of our pals at PasteMagazine.  This is a definitive list with reviews–not just a listing–and very well done. Dig in, turn on the Apple TV and flat screen, fire up the soundbar and take’em all in.

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