The Third Annual Winter Film Festival: Ski Priority 6–Freedom

Edgework: This is what you want, is it not? Complete freedom on the mountain and in the snow. The power and skill and courage to tackle any slope with precision and the type of expertise that gives the rush without the bruises and medical adventures. The final installment of the BASS Network (British Alpine Ski and Snowboard Association)  shows what can happen when you tie it all together. Skiing is a solitary sport, like single handed sailing. You vs the mountain. Learn your lessons. Take your time. Do your practice. Get in shape. And have a blast.
The Fine Print: Embed courtesy YouTube (thanks, guys). Posted by BASS Network. All rights belong to their respective rights holders. Thanks for sharing and ski safely. 
Editor’s Note: The Winter Film Festival now returns to backcountry/helicopter based videos after this post. Thanks for watching. 

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