The Weekend Concert Series: Paul McCartney, Good Evening New York City

The Hunt for New Music: 
Just a terrific concert, Paul McCartney in New York to open the new Citi Field Stadium in 2009. The video is HD and the sound is very good; the song list a collection of Beatles and McCartney tunes. The opening is particularly well done. No need to puff this one up: it’s a rock legend performing in a city where the legend started, decades ago. As always, kick it to the flat screen (Chromecast works very well) and run it through your audio system, or if you’re watching on your computer, iPad, or phone..plug in the headphones. This is a classic….dig in and enjoy.
The Fine Print: Embed via YouTube, originally posted by MusicNic who did a heroic job in pulling all of this together. Very well done lads. All rights reserved by respective artists. We thank them for sharing. 

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