The Art of the Movie Trailer: Serenity

Paying Attention:
Hollywood is very good at making movies about movies they want you to see. This dark art is a specialized subset of feature film making and it’s a relatively small industry (in comparison) but filled with directors/producers/editors who know how to bait-the-hook/distill-the essence of a great film in just a few minutes. This art of advertising a film by using film is a technique that the television industry picked up on decades ago to preview and drive viewership for TV shows and specials. All those promotions you see on TV for new shows, final episodes, season finales, and specials–those are all TV commercials about TV shows.
Today–the movie trailer for the new Anne Hathaway (she was fabulous in Ocean’s 8) and Matthew McConaughey (he brings a certain danger to every film) thriller Serenity. Both of these actors are very selective and adventurous in the films they choose to be in; based on the trailer (it’s doing it’s job) this is another very good outing for  both stars. Dark and dangerous and loaded with Academy Award winners…Serenity look very much like a film to see.
The Fine Print: Movie trailer courtesy of Aviron Pictures and Global Road Entertainment, via YouTube. All rights reserved. This trailer has not been altered in any way. We thank them for sharing.

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