2019: The Year in Lists

 No matter which way you look at it–the good, the bad, or the ugly–2019 was one of the most wildest, least predictable, over/under-hyped, culturally significant/insignificant years on record. The bad guys won more than their share of major events and the good guys somehow managed to stay in the game.  It was a year of outrageous personalities, incredible statements, ethics-bending, line-crossing, tweet-storming weirdness. Here’s hoping we don’t have a repeat of all that worldwide nonsense in 2020, but who knows.

But…and we’ve said this before, in this same space ….you never really know a year until you see it in a series of lists. And so, here again, is one of our favorite posts of all time, updated to fit the mood and the times: The Year In Lists. You shall know us by what we track and recognize–sobering to be sure. And check back frequently, the list is updated continuously. 


Biggest Newstories of 2019 (MSN)

Top 10 Global News Stories You Missed in 2019 (Foreign Policy )

Top 100 Videos of the Year (This is Happening/YouTube)

NPR’s Top Political Stories of 2019

Important Deaths of 2019 (UPI)

Notable Deaths of the Year (New York Times) 

Billboard Hot 100 Songs of 2019

Most Expensive Medical Procedures (investopedia)

Fashion Trends of the Year (pop.inquirer.com)

Worst Films of 2019 (Variety)

The Rise of the VSCO Girl

Biggest Sports Controversies of 2019

Lie of the Year (Politifact)

Top Music Videos of 2019 (YouTube)

Top 10 Medical Innovations for 2019

15 Best Investments for 2019 (Bankrate)

Best Box Office: Top Movies of the Year (Vanity Fair)

12 Best New Cars for 2019 (AutoTrader)

30 Best Toys for Boys and Girls (Goodhousekeeping)

Top Instagram Moments of the Year (TopNine) 
Vulture (New York Magazine) Best of the Year (Vulture)

Top 40 Pop Songs of the Year (One for All) 

Best of 2019 (Foreign Affairs) 

Highest Paid Athletes in 2019 

50 Best Podcasts of 2019

Fodor’s Top Places to Travel (Fodor’s) 

Best Website for English Language World Newspapers 2019 (NightshiftNews.com)

Best Video Games of 2019 (Vulture)

Scholarly Articles on Advances in biotech 2019

Top US Companies Granted Patents in 2019 (Forbes)

Top Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Awards in 2019 (Law360)

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses of 2019 (Trendrr)

Best Celebrity Photos of 2019 (Wonderwall)

Top 10 Artworks sold in December 2019 (Artnet)
20 Top Hairstyle Trends for Winter 2019 (Cosmopolitan)

Most Instagram Followers in 2019 (MarieClaire)

Top 5 Professional Bull Riders Rides of 2019 (YouTube)

President Trumps Biggest Falsehoods of 2019 (NBC



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