The Revolution Will Be Televised


America was shocked by the events of 6 January 2021 when an angry, combative and armed mob stormed the U.S. Capitol building in an attempt to disrupt the certification of Joe Biden’s election as the next President of the United States. The coverage of this unprecedented event has dominated the airwaves, internet news and network television news shows and channels for the last week.


The net result of the Capitol attack was 5 people killed, hundreds either under arrest or about to be under arrest, and an impeachment charge against Donald J. Trump for inciting the riot after speaking to the crowd that gathered in front of the White House. Despite the very real threat to those in Congress (and the guards), the so-called “attempted coup” was suppressed, Biden’s election was certified, and now the investigations about precisely what happened, who was involved, and how it came to be, are in process.

What you may not know is that people in the mob that over-ran the Capitol police were filming/taping the event and in many cases live-streaming it to other like-minded and curious followers. Be fully informed on this key aspect of that very dark event by reading this terrific piece from The Columbia Journalism Review . 

You will be surprised (or maybe not)by the sophistication and monetization involved. We live in, perhaps, over-connected times.  Just remember this: if you do something in a public space of any kind, the odds are that someone is recording it.

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