The Winter Film Festival: Ski Radonee de la Haute Route

Edgework: One more look at skiing the Haute Route, this one in French (if you don’t speak French..well..the visuals are great and you can get the gist of things. Enjoy. See you at the bottom. Our annual Winter Film Festival, the Fourth one we’ve produced, is now in progress.  The WFF posts go up after […]

The Winter Film Festival: "Claim"

Edgework: “Claim” is a full length ski film starring Mark Abma, Shane McConkey, and Sean Pettit. McConkey is one of the legends of back country skiing. There’s a very good documentary on his life(he died in a base jumping/skiing accident) that we’re trying to source for this year’s WFF. The team that produced “Claim” includes […]

The Winter Film Festival:"Swift.Silent.Deep."

Edgework:  Editors note: The video that accompanies this text is no longer available. Instead, you can find an 8 part series on the Jackson Hole Airforce at….sorry but these things happen.  Another full length classic, “Swift.Silent.Deep” is “the story of the Jackson Hole Air Force”, a rather legendary group of skiers who were pushed […]