Christmas One More Time, VIII

The Hunt for New (Christmas) Music: More music from our library of Christmas music playlists. Playing loud is highly recommended. You can hear this playlist via our friends at Spotify, who have kindly made it available online…just click the link below and a web player will appear on your desktop and play the list…..enjoy some […]

Christmas One More Time, VII

The Hunt for New Music: A new iteration of our classic Christmas music playlists, featuring both traditional songs in new performances and a selection of brand new Christmas music. As usual, the playlist includes songs you can dance to. You can listen to the entire playlist, via our friends at Spotify (see the information on […]

The Christmas Playlist Series: No. XII

The  Hunt for New (Christmas) Music: Embed from Getty Images   The last in our series of Christmas music playlists for 2016. There are lots of great songs on these playlists–dig some of it out and give it a listen. Next up: setting one (or more) of the Playlists on click-to-hear Spotify link. Happy Holidays […]

The Christmas Playlist Series: No. X

The Hunt for New (Christmas) Music: Embed from Getty Images This playlist is composed of the best of the previous playlists. This is Part A. Combine it with the playlist that follows and create your own super-Christmas playlist for the season. Line ’em all up on your playback system and let them play all day(or […]

The Christmas Playlist Series: No.V

The Hunt for New (Christmas)Music: Embed from Getty Images   The Fifth Playlist in our annual Christmas Music Playlist Series. Every playlist has a different personality and every list is very tightly curated. As always, new favorites and classics updated for the times….all of it good. Enjoy. The Fine Print: Image courtesy of our friends at […]

The Christmas Playlist Series: No. IV

The Hunt For New (Christmas) Music: Christmas music you can dance to. The season, remixed, with our fourth Christmas Playlist of the season. Put ’em on and turn it up. 17 Songs. 1 Hour

The Christmas Playlist Series: No. III

The Hunt for New (Christmas) Music: This is the third in a series of Playlists to be published over the Christmas Holiday season. The first Playlist went up on November 30th and the lists will continue until we unveil the new playlist for 2016, a total of 14 Playlists in all. Spread the spirit of the season. […]

COMT VI: The (White) Christmas Album

The Hunt for New (Christmas) Music: This is Number 6 in a series of 10 lists of the very best Christmas/Holiday/Spiritual songs of the season. As with previous lists (and lists to come) occasionally a song with a spiritual/holiday component is added to a list of purely traditional Holiday music. At this time of the year..its […]

COMT II: Listen To The Season

The Hunt for New (Christmas)Music: The second of our traditional rocking -for -the -holidays Christmas Playlists…..Christmas One More Time II. Also, with this list, the practice of adding songs that have a spiritual component–but are not necessarily traditional Christmas songs–begins. You can enjoy the entire playlist through the courtesy of our friends at Spotify via Spotify’s […]


Christmas One More Time III: The Story Behind The Songs. 1. I Bought You A Plastic Star (To Go With Your Aluminum Tree), Michael Franks. Boy, can Michael Franks write songs and lyrics. There is an arch, wry, ironic twist to his music that just has no equal. I first discovered Franks in the late […]