Flat out: Moto GP, April 21-April 23 at Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX

There is racing and then there is Moto GP racing. Moto GP racing is the F1 of motorcycle racing. The bikes are extreme, the drivers are absolutely fearless and phenomenally skilled, and the action and visual presentation of the sport is without equal. It is a sport that is visibly, incredibly dangerous. On the weekend […]

Risi Comp at COTA: A Race and Post Race Gallery

  Daulton Venglar, one of the Young Journalists at COTA this weekend in a program sponsored by Risi Competizione and COTA, took this gallery of photos of the Risi Comp Ferrari 458 on its’ way to a second place finish in the TUDOR series race. 

Gallery: FIA WEC 6 Hours of Circuit of the Americas

The photos in this gallery were shot by Daulton Venglar and by Taylor Wiseman. This year’s Young Journalist Program was a double-header: cover the IMSA TUDOR 2 hour and 40 minute race in the morning and then the World Endurance Championship 6 Hour race in the afternoon. One of the projects that we asked the […]