Get Back: Why Apple Should Return To Its’ Roots

Last week, Ewan Spence, a technology writer for Forbes and a specialist on Apple, wrote a powerful and very straight forward piece on how Apple was intentionally killing the Macbook Pro. Spence’s main thesis is one many have suspected, but few addressed so factually: that Tim Cook’s primary focus has been, is, and will be […]

The iWay: Apple moving into the Auto industry

According to an interview with Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne, Apple is planning “an intervention” in the automobile industry. What will it be? When will it happen? Who will it disrupt? None of that is known now, but what is known is that Apple is hiring a lot of people with expertise in batteries and […]

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Address

Paying Attention: The season of commencement and commence addresses is upon us. And while the air will be filled with heavy sounding pronouncements like “the future is ahead of us” , how about changing the tune and going back to one of the great commencement speeches of all time, by a man considered one of […]


Paying Attention:  The big news in tech (besides the coming Alibaba IPO) is the sudden, out-of-nowhere deal that involves Apple (flush with cash) buying the headphone/streaming music company Beats (a venture of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine). Dre and Iovine will do very, very well in the transaction–not that they weren’t doing well already–but as always […]

Dial Tones

Press Clippings: Google’s decision to sell Motorola to Lenova has everyone’s ears perked up. What does it mean for: Motorola? Google? Lenova? Apple? Samsung? Sony? Mobility? Cell phones? Too early to tell and the transaction still has to pass government scrutiny, but there are some reasoned responses out there and one of the best can be found at Give […]

The Macintosh is 30

Paying Attention: This weekend, Apple will have a big celebration for the Macintosh computer, which was announced 30 years today, 24 January 1984.  Since it’s creation, the Macintosh–it’s spirit, technology, innovation and attitude– has propelled Apple into a mammoth business that operates in industries ranging from software to music distribution and cell phones. Even though […]

Apple Doubles Down

Paying Attention:  What most of the media have missed about Apple’s iPad is how well it works for creative people. The change in GUI/interface and the freedom created by a switch from a keyboard and mouse-based input model to touch screen input, enabled software engineers to re-think a lot of the software that was being used for […]