Nightshift Sports: Olympic Wrapup

The Olympics Embed from Getty Images   The 2016 Rio Olympics are now history. New highs. New lows. New Scandals. New miracles. It’s the Olympics, and everything is supersized. Here’s a look back at some of the best reporting and great stories on the Rio Olympics that you might have missed. Olympic Games coverage resumes […]

Nightshift Sports: Wednesday Clickpak

The Olympics Deep Background Articles and posts of interest about the 2016 Rio Olympics.   Embed from Getty Images Ain’t That A Kick in The Head? Digitizing TaeKwonDo Scandal at the Olympics?  (Source: Bloomberg) Cheers: How Beer Cups Turned into the Ultimate Olympic Souvenir (Source: Bloomberg) Why is Under Armour’s Biggest Star Wearing Nike? (Source: Bloomberg)

Nightshift Sports Training: Swimming like an Olympian

The Olympics Embed from Getty Images They make it look so easy, the Olympic swimmers, but the strokes they lay down in the 50 meter pool are so much more refined than what most of us produce when we do a few laps for exercise. In a sport in which tenths and hundredths of a […]

Nightshift Sports Rio: Thursday Clickpak

The Olympics A clickpak of relevant and interesting articles about the Rio Olympics.   Hunting for the Gold Medal in Branding (Source: Bloomberg) The Sharpshooter Look at the Olympics (Source: Wired) Leslie Jones (of SNL) Goes To The Olympics (Source: NY Magazine) How Technology is Changing the way we Watch the Olympics (Source: Business Insider)

Nightshift Sports Rio: Wednesday Clickpak

The Olympics A clickpak of relevant and interesting articles about the Rio Olympics.   Embed from Getty Images   The Diving Pool is Changing Colors (Source: New York Times) Cordcutting and Olympics watching (Source: How Fencing Became the Hot Olympic Sport (Source: New York magazine) How Technology Has Changed Olympic Training (Source: Yahoo)

Nightshift Sports Rio: What It Takes To Cover The Olympics

The Olympics A snapshot of NBC’s efforts/logistics in covering the 2016 Rio Olympics, provided by NBC. Absolutely Amazing. STAMFORD, CONN.—NBC Sports has released some stats related to its coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro beginning on Friday: 1.1 billion+ Dollars generated in national ad sales. 120,000 Tons of equipment sent to Rio. […]

Nightshift Sports Rio Preview: Marti Mallow

The Olympics Athletic competition in judo is nothing like the staged, tightly choreographed physical dances you see in action films. It’s a lot more tactical and mistakes are not allowed–they take you right out of the match. Here’s U.S. Olympic Judo team member Marti Mallow, in a profile produced by Sports Illustrated (embed via YouTube).